Check Out Our 2014 Summer / Fall Presentation!

Our 2014 Summer / Fall collection includes more than 40 new mouldings in 10 outstanding profiles, available in 10 trend-setting colors including a never before seen Roma exclusive color combination and includes 18 new photo frames that are the perfect home for precious memories. Watch us present the 2014 Summer / Fall collection at our thirteenth All Hands Meeting!

  • Ravello Collection



    Situated high above the awe-inspiring Amalfi Coast, the town of Ravello has been a place of refuge and tranquility since the 5th century. Here the sounds and smells of the Tyrrhenian Sea inspired us to give water new life through our Ravello collection.

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    Ravello Finishes, Formal Black, Rubbed Silver, Rubbed Gold, Rubbed Pewter

    Ravello Finishes

    We pioneered a brand-new technique called power gilding to achieve the unprecedented finish on our Ravello collection. Borrowing on ancient water gilding techniques, we've made this once exclusive technique available to everyone.

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    Ravello, Five Stunning Profiles, Eight New Photo Frames
  • Eleganza Collection



    The elegance and innovation displayed on Europe's runways inspired us to create a collection capable of immediately transporting you to a world of bold lines, powerful colors and stunning profiles.

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    Eleganza Finishes, Gilded Silver Leaf, Gilded Gold Leaf, Espresso

    Eleganza Finishes

    Sleek, architectural lines give this collection its contemporary characteristics while the smooth, hand-leafed patina is layered over the moulding surface and entirely handfinished to enhance the refined look of this gilded finish.

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    Eleganza, Two Stunning Profiles,
  • Lavo Collection



    Inspired by an ancient city steeped in architectural wonder, the profiles in our Lavo collection mimic the waves of the Chao Phraya River. This contemporary moulding features adventurous colors that react marvelously to light.

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    Lavo Finishes, Electric Black, Electric Red, Electric White, Electric Pewter

    Lavo Finishes

    Emulsified metallic paints fused with superior gloss create a bold finish made exclusively for Roma Lavo. Our finish is skillfully hand applied by master artisans who tirelessly polish until perfection is achieved.

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    Lavo, Two Stunning Profiles, Four New Photo Frames
  • Ramino Collection



    The Ramino collection beautifully highlights the top trends in the world of interior design. Inspired by sleek lines and silky smooth finishes, Ramino mouldings are available in rich hues that heighten the interplay of line and color.

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    Ramino Finishes, Black and Gold, Black and Silver, Silver, Gold, Pewter, Espresso

    Ramino Finishes

    Skilled Italian craftsmen carefully apply layer upon layer of finish, colorant and veneers to obtain the unique characteristics of genuine wood. The colorant is applied in carefully selected areas to highlight the grooves and crevices.

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    Ramino, One Stunning Profile, Six New Photo Frames