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Here When You Need Us – New Extended Hours!


It’s the busiest time of year and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Between the constant flow of demanding customers, holiday parties and maybe even some holiday shopping, we know this time of year is beyond hectic!

At Roma Moulding, we’re dedicated to Roma Family Core Value #1 “Deliver WOW through service” and to being around when you need us. That’s why we’re proud to announce extended hours during the busy holiday season!

Throughout November and December (until Dec. 20) we’re open on Saturday’s from 10:00am to 6:00pm (EST) to take your orders and help you through the busiest season.

“We’re so excited for the opportunity to chat with and assist our awesome partners on Saturday’s through November and December,” said Jo Anne Simons, Roma’s Customer Care Leader. “We recognize how busy this time of year is and are eager to provide extra support by being available for order processing and inquiries.”

Give us a call! We’re here when you need us and waiting to spread holiday cheer!

The Chatter:

Way to go Wizards! I know our partners will love the ability to order on Saturday’s!

Posted By Gordon Thain 5 years ago

WOW! Way to go team!!!

Posted By Don 5 years ago

We look forward to continuing the WoW straight through to Saturdays now!

Posted By Jo Anne 5 years ago

Well done and is quite normal for wholesalers to be open on Saturday in most of
The world. I will be checking in with you when back in the States. Do a restaurant
And will be looking for wall decor and frames this coming month.

Got any restaurant partners?
Best regards,

Posted By Charlie 5 years ago

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