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All People Are Beautiful


You truly can never judge a book by its cover, nor can you judge people by their outward appearance.

This past weekend the Roma Wish Team headed to New York City for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to assist the amazing Bowery Mission serving New Yorkers in need. A dozen of us spent a few days helping the Bowery Mission however we were needed. The amazing team included:

  • Eric Casillas, Business Product Specialist (Miami)
  • John Demkowicz, Business Product Specialist (Georgia/Alabama)
  • Jo Anne Garcia, Business Product Specialist (Southern California/Nevada/Arizona)
  • Mariann Gareri, Growth Coordinator
  • Melissa Gareri, Marketing Coordinator
  • Jonathan LaBrie, Production Team, HQ
  • Tania Santana, Western Regional Growth Leader
  • Jason Spalding, Culture and Talent Leader
  • Joey Talotta, Project Leader HQ
  • Natalie Trivino, Video Producer

It is events like this that you’re reminded how truly amazing your team is. I can’t quite put into words how grateful I was to have each of them with me in New York. I know our experience at The Bowery Mission was life changing for all of us.


The Chatter:

What an amazing week it was!! I will never see the homeless in the same light again. I will never take for granted the “little” things in life again. God Bless The Bowery Mission, all who volunteer, all who enter, all who serve. I would do it all over again!!

Posted By Jo Anne Garcia 4 years ago