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Roma Completes The Ice Bucket Challenge


The Roma Moulding Toronto Team is proud to have completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

In total, 22 Roma Team members participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which aimed to raise funds and awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Roma Moulding made a donation that will to go towards the $79.7 million that has been raised as of August 25 for ALS.

The Roma Moulding Team was nominated by Roma Moulding CEO, Tony Gareri who knew his team would step up to the challenge.

“We’re all so proud of the team for stepping up to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,” said Gareri. “We’re always excited to raise funds and awareness for a great cause as well as participate in an amazing team activity.”

For more information on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, please click here.

Roma Moulding – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Roma Moulding on Vimeo.

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