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Service Is In The Air


For the past 17 years, one of my annual highlights is attending the Moulding Design Show in Italy. I love it because in my experience, Italy is the worldwide leader in producing the best-designed products that feature superior quality. Aside from viewing the amazing craftsmanship on display, the weather was awesome and it goes without saying that the food was to die for!

Travelling from Canada to Italy is no easy feat, specifically because there are no direct flights from Toronto to Bologna. Therefore, I’m forced to take the dreaded connector! Typically, I’ll either fly Alitalia or Air Canada, simply because it’s familiar and gets me there quickly. This time around, I decided to take Alitalia Airlines to Italy and KLM Airlines back home to Toronto.  Although the two offered dramatically different experiences, I’m not here to bash one airline over the other. In fact, I’m writing to tell the world that service in the air is alive and well, you just may not know it. Allow me to explain…

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