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Tony Gareri Appears on BusinessCast


Roma Moulding Chief of WOW, Tony Gareri was excited to participate in a podcast with Andrew Brown and Robert Gold of the Profit BusinessCast.

Brown is president of Write on the Money and co-host of BusinessCast. Gold, MBA, FCPA, FCA is the managing partner of Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants and the producer and co-host of BusinessCast.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be a guest on the BusinessCast,” said Tony Gareri, CEO of Roma Moulding. “I appreciated the chance to share our message through a different medium and thank Andrew and Robert for allowing me to explain how Roma is on a mission to make the world a happier place.”

Click here to listen to the episode!

The Chatter:

Excellent episode! Happy to have a new podcast to subscribe to 🙂

Posted By Gordon Thain 5 years ago

WOW, that was so much fun to listen to! Great job Tony!

Posted By Paul 5 years ago

Namaste Tony, this is one Krazy company I can work for.. A lot of TUST Working outside the box
and deciphering the values of life between home and work.. luv it . Oh BTW coming tomorrow to chat with the god father of IT Don Cottrell, , No fear from my end…See you Tuesday at 10:30
Live long and be happy

Posted By Eddy. W 5 years ago

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