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Tony Gareri In Montréal to Support Purolator


Roma Moulding CEO, Tony Gareri is honored to speak at Purolator’s annual Sales Forum on July 17, 2014 in Montréal , Québec.

Roma Moulding CEO, Tony Gareri meets with Purolator's President and CEO Patrick Nangle.

Roma Moulding CEO, Tony Gareri meets with Purolator’s President and CEO Patrick Nangle recently at Roma’s world headquarters.

Purolator, Canada’s freight and logistics leader, asked key customers, including Gareri, to be part of a panel that will help the company gain customer insight. Gareri will speak to Purolator’s outstanding team of dedicated salespeople for 30 minutes including a question and answer session.

“We are extremely pleased to have Tony Gareri with us at our Sales Forum,” explained David Hughes, VP of Sales, Purolator. “Helping our customers deliver on their promises is what we do. Understanding what that means to our customers from their perspective helps us deliver even better.”

The informal, open mike session will foster an environment of learning and improvement, two themes that Gareri is passionate about.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity to meet with and provide insight for our valued partner, Purolator,” said Tony Gareri, CEO of Roma Moulding. “Purolator does such an outstanding job of supporting our mission at Roma, we’re happy to be able to return the favour, in any way we can.”

To read more about Roma and Purolator’s partnership, click here.

The Chatter:

Way to go Tony! Say hi to all of our friends at Purolator for the team back home!

Posted By Gordon Thain 5 years ago

Montreal!? Awesome, enjoy Tony!

Posted By Paul 5 years ago

Safe travels to the Belle Province! Enjoy your time with our AMAZING partners!

Posted By Sami 5 years ago

In Montreal? If you have time, give me a call.

Posted By Josee Kirouac 5 years ago

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