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All Hands Meeting 12 – March 2014


The Chatter:

What an amazing display of a company standing behind its Core Values! Way to go Roma…I’m so proud to be a member of this team and it’s inspiring culture!

Posted By Don Cortell 5 years ago

Love reliving those magic moments again and again!

Posted By Gord 5 years ago

It was so great to be part of this AHM as one of the newest Rookies. The amount of effort to put this meeting together is just phenomenal and the results are truly great. Thank you for taking me under your fun wing Roma!

Posted By Stanislav Georgiev 5 years ago

Way to go Roma! I am so lucky to have a chance to play with the best team ever!

Posted By Pamela Kolker 5 years ago

This was my first AHM and I’ve been excited about it for 3 months. It did not disappoint! From the energy, to the speakers, to the most memorable moment of all when Michelle accepted her “moulding bouquet”. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

Posted By Camilla Brown 5 years ago

I love everyone’s energy!!! Way to go Roma Familia!!!!

Posted By Tania Santana 5 years ago

I just got the chance to talk with few people from Roma…wow! Energy…transparence..! Love it! Bravo!

Posted By Josee Kirouac 5 years ago