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Our Heritage


The Chatter:

Thanks again Tony & Roma Moulding for the amazing opportunity to work with you and entrusting me in capturing the beautiful heritage of Italy! I love what Roma stands for and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Posted By Johnny Loh 5 years ago

I’ve always loved Roma! After watching your Made In Italy video, I love you even more. Thank you for bringing remarkable Italian made products to the world! Roma will always be the best!

Posted By Sandro 5 years ago

Simply stunning!

Posted By Gordon Thain 5 years ago

I have seen this video at least a dozen times so far and will happily watch it dozens more. It continues to blow my mind HOW MUCH detail and love goes into every single piece of moulding that Roma creates! This is a true testament to who Roma really is. Great job!

Posted By Richelle Plumstead 5 years ago

Wonderful video! A must see! Romancing the Moulding – Italian Style! Roma is a beautiful line made in Italy by artisans! Watch for yourself the love that goes into every stick of moulding……

Posted By Thomas Secson 5 years ago

This makes me want to go to Italy! Beautiful, and even more the moulding that comes from here. Great video!!

Posted By Michelle 5 years ago

Wonderfull video, particularly loved to see manufacturing as I’m industrial designer. I just love your product quality & design and your incredible customer team. Long live to our business partership!! Élisio

Posted By Élise Gendron, Courchesne Lapalme Encadreur 5 years ago


Posted By Jack Carpenter 5 years ago

I have shared this beautiful video with friends, family , Roma partners and potential partners. Always a win!

Posted By Jenn Gold 5 years ago

Makes me want to buy Italian moulding and visit Italy!

Posted By Dan Josephson 5 years ago

No Brainer. …Roma all the way!
Visiting Italy is on my bucket list!!!

Posted By Meghan Funk 5 years ago

We can show them great product, but this tells a great story.

Posted By Jeff 5 years ago

This is wonderful! I have shared this with many friends and partners, so proud to be working with such artists!!

Posted By Doris Pontieri 5 years ago

A beautifully produced video. It honors Italy and the craftsmen and artisans who keep the traditions alive.

Posted By Robert Meredith 5 years ago

Beautiful video, beautiful country, beautiful Roma. A work of Art.

Posted By Rusti Gioiosa 5 years ago

Beautiful video of the fine craft of making and finishing moulding! What part of Italy is your manufacturing in? I’m a picture framer and gilder planning a trip to Italy in fall of 2015, would I be able to come and get a tour? Thanks much!

Posted By Adela Davis 4 years ago

Love the Roma pre-made frames. We love how they look in our shop. Our customers love how they look in their homes.

Posted By Kim Prints 4 years ago