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The Roma Tour


The Chatter:

Tony – outstanding job of inspiring innovation and team building… Roma … the best!

Posted By Tim Franer 5 years ago

Awesome-Good For you -great tour. Inspirational and Unique!!

Posted By LOU NATALE 5 years ago

Amazing tour of what is obviously an “Awesome” company to work for. Very inspirational !! Thank you

Posted By Monika Kobayashi 5 years ago

Unbelievable.Best Motivational video ever watched

Posted By Ravi Dhandapani 5 years ago

its nice to see a company that values their employee’s. This is what success is!!!

Posted By Carolann McKee 5 years ago

I want to work for Roma !!!! Great people ! Great culture !

Posted By Gina 5 years ago

Excellent video. I was there yesterday and met with Teresa to discuss packaging and reducing your costs. Had a tour and it looks like a great place to work. As a potential vendor it would be a pleasure to work alongside the Roma team!

Posted By Lance Davidson 5 years ago

Excellent Video & Great work Tony!!!
Looks like an awesome place to work…

Posted By Manmeet 5 years ago

Wow to the WOW factory. I want one…

Posted By Mark Sibilia 5 years ago