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Roma Core Value 9

We deeply value and believe that honesty is the best policy! Being transparent and open means having a trustworthy company! We believe that if you trust yourself, trust your teams and trust your partners, success is imminent. Building our relationships on trust is something that differentiates us from other companies. It is the reason we continue to have strong customers and partner support. Customers and vendors that have helped make Roma what it is today. The hardest thing to build is trust, however, when trust is established, the bond is far stronger and you can accomplish so much more.

The Chatter:

For each core value, in the test (ie wording) underneath each video, the viewer is provided with a paragraph describing the core value. My suggestion is to state the value at the beginning of the description of it. I will provide two example. For core value 9, nowhere in the written narrative does it state the core value! it should start with “Core Value 9: Deliver Transparent, Open, Honest Communication”. This would then be followed with the current narrative describing what this means. As a second example of this, I will state that the narrative for Core value 10 should start with “Roma Core Value 10: Love Learning & Pursue Growth & Development”.

Posted By Anonymous 4 years ago