Why Work for Roma? - Roma Moulding - Picture Frames Manufacturer

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Why Work for Roma?


The Chatter:

Great Video !

Posted By Anthony Iannitelli 5 years ago

Great Video!!! Roma has it right!!!! congrats!!!!!

Posted By Vera Di Nunno 5 years ago

Awesome video! Looks like a great group of people and a great organization!

Posted By Tara Cotter 4 years ago

Wow..what an awesome company culture, would like to join and be part of the team…keep up the same spirit….

Posted By Muslim Mohamedali 4 years ago

Very nice video, truly inspirational !!

Posted By Lisa Poirier 4 years ago

Oh my gosh! I want to work there! To be able to inspire and WoW people every day…and have fun doing it. Reminds me of the early days at my former company.

Posted By Tracy Trimblett 4 years ago