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Made In Italy


The Chatter:

Hand made with care . From start to the finish product .Well done !

Posted By Anthony Iannitelli 5 years ago

Hands down, the best!

Posted By Rusti 5 years ago

We are a design firm, interested in opening a account to purchase your photo frames. Is there someone who can help me the this request?

Posted By Lisa Ann Lowe 5 years ago

    Hi Lisa,

    We’d love to chat! Please send us an email to and let’s get the conversation started!

    Posted By Admin 5 years ago

Love your videos, looking forward to seeing even more.
The simplicity of how the moulding length was prepared leaves the creative imagination wide open.

Posted By Martin 5 years ago

Love your products.
Just watched your video…impressive!
I write however to ask who the musical artist is…Really relaxing music.
Thanking you in advance,
– Rik –

Posted By Rik 5 years ago

    Hey Rik! Glad you loved it. The song is a cover of Bon Iver’s “Michicant”

    Posted By Gordon Thain 5 years ago

So inspiring…Love it..

Posted By Josee Kirouac 5 years ago

As a framer with over twenty years experience it is sometimes hard to find that inspiration, but your products and videos make it so easy to excite !

Posted By Jason 5 years ago

I love these videos that show how it is made!

Posted By Thomas Secson 5 years ago

Incredible to see what a true art form the creation of these mouldings is!

Posted By Richelle 4 years ago