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Why Company Culture is So Important!


Why Company Culture is So Important!

Each company is defined by it. Not many know it by name and many don’t even know it exists! It’s your company culture. Your DNA, if you will, of your organization!

A company’s culture is the only truly unique identifier. Things like your products, your strategies and even your techniques can be duplicated. The only truly unique identifiers are the values and norms of the organization. In short, its personality!

Why Care About Your Company Culture?

Your company culture defines the way in which your organization interacts with one another and how the team interacts with the outside world, specifically your partners and suppliers.

It’s the formula that guides the team, as well as inspires and motivates employees. It is also responsible for attracting and attaining great talent, as well as creating a fun, happy and exciting work environment.

A great company culture also attracts a great partner which, in turn, creates great success! People will want to do business with you because of what you believe in and stand for, rather than solely on your products alone. Understanding this principal will quickly allow you to see the importance of company culture.

At Roma Moulding, we take company culture very seriously! Attracting and attaining great talent is the key to our success. Since our restart, (the new birth of the Roma culture) recruiting to our team has been effortless. We no longer use outside recruitment firms and costly techniques; instead we simply rely on our team’s ability to share and spread the Roma culture!

In the last 20 months alone, our recruitment costs have been zero dollars. During this time of great growth, we have attracted hundreds of resumes and secured positions for over 20 highly talented people, we now call family!

Our mission is simple; we aim to Move, Inspire & WOW! If you’re interested in seeing firsthand how we are changing the course of an industry, inspiring innovation and WOWing the world, while at the same time having an abundance of fun and spreading happiness, visit our website and sign up for culture updates and so much more!

 Ask yourself, what’s your company culture like?

The Chatter:

Our Workplace Culture is more important than anything!
We’ve created a happy, fun and productive environment that reflects our values, our mission, our beliefs

I am thrilled to be part of this amazing organization we call “Roma Family”

Posted By Gina W21 6 years ago

Love this!

Posted By Giuditta 6 years ago

The Roma Culture is what attracted me to Roma! Other companies must visit to see what it’s all about!

Posted By Aman 6 years ago

Our Culture is not just a thing, its away of life, understanding and living it allows you to come into work relaxed, it makes life much easier.

Posted By Len Mammoliti 6 years ago

The Roma company culture has driven our growth and success because it is at the core of our values.
Imagine the possibilities if ‘corporate America’ spent more time thinking about company culture………

Posted By Lisa Roniotis 6 years ago

i like this post very much

Posted By Sammy 6 years ago

good post, i have been looking for it

Posted By urban 6 years ago

its great

Posted By daisy 4 years ago

A good working environment is essential to any successful business, but don’t go overboard. Companies that overdo their “wonderful culture” end up becoming cultic, where constructive criticism is seen as being negative and staff who leave are regarded as disloyal. Frequent socials and weekend events are just a way for a company to save money at their employees’ expense. People end up not being rewarded properly and can go for years without any pay increase. Call this “great company culture” if you like, but to most of us it’s just crap.

Posted By Jules 4 years ago