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Workplace Happiness: How We Do It!


Zoom. The bullet whizzes past your head as you jockey for position and a clear shot. A head peaks around the corner as you steady your aim, waiting for the precise moment to strike. With lighting fast reflexes you squeeze the trigger then duck for cover. You’re panting with excitement as you hear, “You got me. That’s it – You win!”

If it’s Not Fun, It won’t be GREAT!

You rise and smile to greet the victim of your shot; knowing you have bragging rights for the entire week!

Is this a scene from the next Hunger Games movie? Nope, it’s Roma Moulding’s headquarters at any time of the day engaging in full out Nerf warfare. We take fun seriously and our Nerf wars perfectly exemplify how our culture celebrates hard work.

Post-PortraitWhy place an emphasis on fun?

It’s vital to the wellbeing of your people, teams and overall company energy!  Why have your most passionate and talented people, those carefully selected to join your family, longing for 5:00 p.m. to be happy? I was shocked to see a Gallup survey show that more than 70 percent of workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their work.

Fostering fun gains you access to all the creativity and passion that makes them the unique difference makers on your team all day, every day! HR professionals and managers believe if you throw perks such as free lunches, nap rooms and free dry cleaning, that everything will be just fine. The truth is those perks don’t inspire people over the long run. Try taking fun seriously.

Here are 5 simple tips on creating fun and happiness at work:

  1. Allow your team the freedom to pitch any idea no matter how crazy it may sound.
  2. Foster a culture of change and a commitment to perpetual improvements.
  3. Celebrate successes and anything creative you feel is important to the team.
  4. Focus on the tasks and allow the team the freedom to complete powerfully.
  5. Always trust in your people, partners and yourself.

Take your company’s greatest asset, your people and make it a priority to have them excited to be part of your team. Inspire them, trust them and make sure they know it’s okay to have fun, even if it’s weird at times! The results of a fun and happy workplace are priceless.

How does your company culture focus on fun?

The Chatter:

Roma Moulding – It really is a fun and happy workplace – the team is full of energy at any time of the day!

Posted By Lisa 6 years ago

Having fun at work always involves other people.
Being humble is what makes it so much fun for everyone.
Helping others at work without thought of reward or recognition is what makes all of life fun!
The more we give, the more we get!
It’s contagious it started when we were children and it comes from the heart.
Simply give of yourself!

Posted By Martin 6 years ago

The hours just fly by at Roma! A great team with outstanding leadership. I sincerely looking forward to learning while being fulfilled and having FUN! The best of ALL worlds!

Posted By Gordon 6 years ago

Amazing leadership, stellar teamwork, powerful culture thanks for inspiring other leaders to hopefully transform their organizations and the world of work as a whole in the world! What you guys as an organization do and stand for matters!!! – G

Posted By Giuditta 6 years ago

People always ask me, “Really? You play Nerf wars at work?”

After a day of hitting projects, troubleshooting and performing day-to-day tasks, there’s nothing like picking up a Nerf gun and going at it with your team. There is no exercise that can mimic the feeling of running alongside your CEO and shooting your CFO in the head with a dart (sorry Michael)!

It really helps to close the day off powerfully, flooding the body with serotonin and leaving us with a general feeling of happiness and well-being. We invariably end up laughing and truly blurring the lines between work and play. Never mind the contribution to an amazing buildup of team spirit that shines through in all of our interactions at work.

Bravo, Roma!

Posted By Don Cortell 6 years ago

Every time I walk into Roma head office it brings a smile to my face. It’s definitely not a typical office environment. And the positive energy is contagious!

Posted By Dominic 6 years ago

waking up in morning and looking forward to go to work that some thing is great…I get that feeling working for Roma…. Having fun at work always involves other people…. Helping others at work or out of work without any of reward is what makes work and life fun! The more we give, the more we get! It’s contagious it comes from the heart.

Posted By Sami Khalifa 6 years ago

When your having fun the time truly flys by! Roma has created a fun environment and fosters it from the top down. One minute your in a meeting reviewing stats and numbers and the next minute the CEO, CFO and COO may shoot a nerf bullet your way, or wheel around a beer cart! It truly is a safe, fun place to work and allows you to be yourself. You don’t need to be one way at work and then another way somewhere else to have fun! Take a moment and visit Roma to see how they balance fun and work in the workplace.

Posted By Aman 6 years ago

When can I come to work!

Posted By Cory 5 years ago

Thank you for your comment Cory – Interested in joining the team..? Feel free to connect with our Happiness Relations Team at
Have an awesome day and thank you again for your comment and interest in Roma!

Posted By Tony Gareri 5 years ago