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Roma Wish Houston – Day 2

Day 2 Recap – In the Field – Houston, TX

Today was the first day we were on site at the Jackson’s house, Amy’s house, and Chris’s home. Each of us were at a different location site, all geared up and ready to go. The day started with orientation and safety training for the week.

We were already made aware of our assignment; however, we did not anticipate what we were about to experience. The weather outside was 105 degrees, and wearing our respirator masks, full pants and hard hats, we jumped into the communal van, ready to work.

Mold all around, we (Lloyd and Jo Anne) spent the first half of the day pulling staples from wall studs, scrubbing the mold off of the studs, and then vacuuming each of the studs before applying the fungicide. Sweat dripping from every pore made it very difficult to work for a long time; we kept taking many breaks to cool down. We made great progress on the interior of this home. Kyle was an amazing site supervisor and played awesome music to keep up motivated.

We walked into the Jackson home (Tanya, Olga and Kelly), and greeted Veronica, her son, and 2 cute little puppies; such a sweet and kind family.  Under a nice shady tree in the front yard, we started out by painting the door trim for the front door, giving them two nice coats of white paint. Then we learned how to use the mitre saw and finished off the baseboard trims for the entrance. Kelly with the caulking gun, went around filling in all of the gaps. Not only did it feel good at the end of the day, we learned a lot too.

Today was an amazing day. I have never insulated a home and dry-walled it to boot, but Tony and I (Tania) did, it was such a wonderful experience! The home was filled with a family of 4 (parents and children) and 4 dogs and a cat! They have suffered such a traumatic experience and were the most optimistic, happy, and grateful people. It is really impactful when people have endured such a devastation and still are optimist and grateful for all that they have. It is an absolute pleasure serving this community of East Houston. I look forward to having all of their lives returning to normal, because they deserve that and more!

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