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Roma Wish Houston – Day 4


It’s hard to believe that the 2-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey is only a few weeks away when there are still so many residents here in need of assistance.

Can you imagine bracing for a Category 4 storm when it’s been 12 years since any hurricane made landfall over the Houston metro-plex (Wilma, 2005). Even for residents who maintained memories of the coastal damaged

Areal Footage of Hurricane Harvey – Huffington Post

that occurred then, no one was prepared for the devastating floods Harvey brought to their 500-yr flood plain region. Harvey dumped an estimated 27 trillion gallons of water over Texas, breaking the US record for most amount of rainfall from a single storm.

So many people lost everything.

Today was our third day in action.  Lloyd, Joanne, Olivia, and myself (Kathy) joined AHAH’s Emily on location post-drywall installation in a home where a mother – daughter duo occupy only one room of the home. The remaining rooms had already been gutted and treated and are now in the final stages. From casing windows, taping and mudding Sheetrock seams, to breaking down scrap materials for disposal – everyone worked as a team. After tomorrow’s work, the walls of this home will be ready for paint. What a relief it must be for the homeowners after so much time has past since the floods.

Everyday here is a humbling experience. During our few trips to the grocery store, I’ve wondered to myself “How did the storm affect this person?” whether it being the woman next to me in produce section or the neighboring homes near the AHAH base. Every passing minute here I am personally reminded how fortunate so many of us are and how important it really is to give back.


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