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Roma Wish Houston – Day 5


Today was the last day in Houston and it was emotional, to say the least. It is so crazy to think how quickly the past 4 days have gone by, I feel like I have finally gotten into the mucking and gutting routine instead of answering emails at my desk. The past few days I have been working with an incredible team and site supervisors who luckily have had a ton of patience to teach their ways- there is a lot of trust in giving a newbie the task of cutting drywall with a saw!

Today was a special day because Kathy, Jo Anne, Lloyd, Tanya and myself returned to work at a job site where we had worked on our first day in Houston. The first day we spent at this location the walls were bare down to the studs and we spent the day in a Tyvek suit scrubbing and spraying Shockwave to eliminate black mold. While on site today the team and I were able to put up some drywall, begin mudding and taping and voila it was beginning to feel like a home. We were so fortunate to have also met the homeowner, Chris. For a man that has been living in a trailer on the back end of his property for 2 years waiting for his home to be repaired, he was incredibly positive. Chris expressed his gratitude for the team and was eager to check in on our progress throughout the day and it really hit me how the work we have been doing with All Hands All Hearts is directly impacting the community. Chris had explained how fortunate he felt with the assistance he has received through this program but really, we felt the same for being a part of the Houston project. In that moment, standing in the insufferable 35 degree heat of Houston and covered in drywall dust- we felt like the lucky ones.

When we return to the office in Toronto, we will never forget Chris and all of the homeowners we were able to help through the work we completed over the past few days.

Understandably, it may be difficult for some to donate in monetary value but everyone is able to donate their time and give back to others in a positive and meaningful way if they chose to. Ghandi said it best; “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

I am definitely embracing the attitude of gratitude!


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