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Roma Core Value 1

It is simply a way of life at Roma! Wow is a small, simple word that goes a long, long way! To WOW, you must do something that is not expected, above and beyond, innovative and creative. It can mean doing something for another person that leaves them moved, touched and inspired – leaving them with an emotional impact! At Roma, we value WOW because we are different and unique. Our service is not average, our quality is not average and we do not want our people to be average. We have created an expectation to WOW in everything we do, from our relationships with our partners, to our relationships with our co-workers; it is a special emotional feeling that is long lasting. At Roma Moulding, we believe that we will achieve our mission by delivering WOW in Service – not by fancy ad campaigns, deep discounts, or new products alone. Many of us have been WOWed. We seek to extend that feeling all day, every day here at Roma! Ask yourself, “Have you WOWed anyone today?”

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