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Top Ten Reasons To Watch AHM15


Have you seen a Roma Moulding All Hands Meeting (AHM)? If not you’re missing our on our industry’s biggest event. We roll out all the stops three times a year to transform our headquarters into a broadcast center where we share valuable insights and proven techniques to elevate your business and culture.

Our next AHM will be on March 26th at 10:45am (EST) and we invite you to tune in live, online for free or attend in person by RSVP’ing with Camilla Brown at ccbrown@romamoulding.com before March 20th.

Why tune into our 15th All Hands Meeting? Here’s our top ten reasons:

10. See how IT can positively affect your bottom line.

9. Be the first to find out what’s new.

8. Gain insights on how to market your business like the best.

7. Tips on how to run a lean business from Operation experts.

6. Learn how to host a live town hall-style meeting.

5. Great talent always wins. Learn why!

4. Put people first, profits second – see why.

3. Learn effective speaking and presentation techniques.

2. See vibrant company culture in action.

1. Fuel your inspiration with our two-hour dose of happiness!

“Each All Hands Meeting represents a significant invest in terms of time, energy and resources,” said Tony Gareri, CEO of Roma Moulding. “For us, it’s one of our biggest competitive advantages that allows all our partners, suppliers and vendors to gain an up close and personal perspective into our culture, people and brand, which make our company great.

Click here to learn more about our All Hands Meetings and to view past broadcasts!

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