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Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of happiness

When you bring together a phenomenal team, a collective purpose, and an insanely great culture, magical things happen.

Tony Gareri, CEO

Our Mission

The ultimate question we ask ourselves at Roma Moulding isn’t how to do something, but whether what we’re doing is going to Move, Inspire and WOW you. That’s our motto. It drives us to do our best work and empowers us to build a team of leaders.

Our Vision

We blur the lines between work and play. The connection between happy people and incredible company results is to know the value of workplace happiness. When you pair a thoughtful working culture with an amazing workforce, magic happens.

Our Values

Like a moral compass, our values point us in the right direction. They have the power to turn every meeting into a lasting relationship, every new hire into a member of a very special team, and every new partner into a new addition to the Roma Family

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Work + Play

What's a typical day like at Roma?
Our Team

Together, as a team, we are a group of passionate people, all working towards one common goal, to be the happiest company in the world! Our outstanding team works diligently to remain committed to our mission Move, Inspire & Wow.

Hello everyone! My name is Anthony and I lead the amazing Operations Team at our Los Angeles distribution center. I’ve been with my Roma family for over 15 years and love the opportunity to work with such outstanding people that I’ve grown so close to. When not helping to Move, Inspire and WOW our awesome partners on the West Coast, I’m spending time with my wife and three children at the beach. Also, I love to rock out on the guitar and used to be in a reggae band!

- Anthony Araguz

“Hi everyone! My name is Tanya and I lead the amazing wizards of wow; our fantastic customer care team! I’m a strong believer of mind over matter. If you are a positive thinker, positive things will happen. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, making memories. There are so many Roma mouldings that I love! The Lavo collection is my favourite!”

- Tanya Ferraro

Our 10 Family Core Values

Core Value #1

Deliver WOW Through Service

Core Value #2

Be Real and Live in Integrity

Core Value #3

Be Different, Have Fun, and Deliver Happiness

Core Value #4

Build a Positive Team and Family Environment

Core Value #5

Be Passionate, Committed and Driven

Core Value #6

Inspire Innovation and Drive Change

Core Value #7

Be Humble

Core Value #8

Be Creative, Open Minded and Share Ideas

Core Value #9

Deliver Transparent, Open, Honest Communication

Core Value #10

Love Learning and Pursue Growth and Development

Want to Join the Team?

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