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100% Exclusively Handcrafted in Italy
World Class Techniques

When cutting-edge technology meets time-honored traditions, the result is premier moulding available at an exceptional value. Designed to complement any space, our mouldings continue to be recognized globally for world-class quality and unique designs.

Preserving a Legacy

Authenticity remains integral to the Roma Moulding brand, which is why we continue to manufacture our products exclusively in Italy. We have partnered with artisans and their families, to support their livelihoods and keep the artisanal heritage of handmade picture frame mouldings alive.

Family Traditions

Age-old traditions and techniques are passed down from generation to generation to ensure quality and craftsmanship remain unparalleled. Family traditions are at the heart of everything Roma creates and continue to guide us as a family-oriented organization and as a brand.

Millions of Linear Feet Per Year

Our suppliers have perfected their craft and processes in a perfect marriage of old-world techniques and modern technology, enabling them to produce these incredible, handmade mouldings at scale. Producing millions of linear square feet of exquisite mouldings, without sacrificing quality.

Skilled Technicians

Our skilled technicians undergo rigorous training to ensure that every inch of moulding we produce is perfect. Our passion and dedication to the craft bring the world’s best picture frames to life.


Crafting only the highest quality products.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication