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Made in Italy

Quality, design, sophistication, development, and research
Mastering the Craft

Authenticity remains integral to the Roma Moulding brand, which is why we continue to manufacture our products exclusively in Italy, partnering with artisans and their families who have been passing these traditions and techniques down from generation to generation for hundreds of years.

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the storied canals Venice, “Made in Italy” continues to be our differentiator. In a world of mass production, the level of detail, skill and artistry that defines hand craftsmanship has become a rare and sought-after luxury by those who appreciate and value quality.

Made in Italy is attention to detail, precision, and perfection. Made in Italy is excellence.

Tony Gareri, CEO

Old World Traditions

Experience the Difference

Made in Italy is, above all, a commitment to those who buy the product. Made in Italy stands for quality design, sophistication, development, and research.

There is an intrinsic beauty and value to an object that has been meticulously crafted by skilled hands. No plastic. No poly. No composite. No toxic finishes of any kind. Just solid, natural woods and non-toxic finishes applied by true masters of the craft. Artisans not only committed to maintaining traditional, time-tested techniques, but also to finding new technologies and methods to further enhance their craft.