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What We Do

Welcome to the future! We’ve just gotten back from the year 2018 and have some mind-blowing things to tell you. The world is a happier place because people like us are making a difference every day. Our influence is reaching new heights and we’ve found dozens of new allies to aid in our quest against mediocrity and the status quo. We keep finding new and bigger mountains to climb while shouting our message from atop the summit. Our mission to Move, Inspire and WOW has been transformed into a rallying call for like-minded culture mavens and is synonymous with happiness. The future is awesome, now let’s have a look!

Partner Experience Team


The Wizards of WOW have travelled the globe, learning from the Zappos of the world and have perfected the art of over-delivering great service. We’ve expanded to seven days a week service and trained ALL team members, from marketing to finance, on how to process orders and deal with all inquiries. This allows us to be ultra agile during our most busiest times! Additionally, our offer of free shipping on orders above $100.00 throughout continental North America that has taken the continent by storm and enriched the Roma experience!

Mavens of Growth


The Mavens of Growth are a laser focused multi-talented group committed to representing the Roma brand to our amazing partners. They’re the experts that promote and connect the expanded services we offer in areas such as fulfillment, retail optimization and leadership coaching. Annually, we leave the hustle and bustle to spend an action packed week of inspiration and learning in the Caribbean where we host a weeklong Leadership Conference.

Our Products

With our unmatched quality control and an ironclad environmental commitment, our award-winning 100 percent handcrafted in Italy products continue to be the benchmark of the industry.

We remain laser focused on quality, design and style while always aiming to WOW! We’ve added additional business services, such as onsite strategic planning, to help out partners overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Culture and Talent

We’ve invested heavily in our only true differentiator, the 250+ people that call Roma their work home, in many ways including becoming industry compensation leaders and offering a best-in-class benefits program. We’ve become a Top Ten Best Place to Work in Canada and the United States! Our Tours Program is so successful, with more than 300 groups coming each year and all tour proceeds going to our Roma Wish fund.


Between leading the best teams and speaking at a combined 20 industry events annually, the Roma Leadership Team is able to find the perfect balance between driving change in the world and developing their team members. Their annual highlight is our Leadership Conference Retreat where a powerful road map to future success is created. Leadership continues to be a huge focus and allows us to nurture and develop the next generation of Roma Leaders!

Roma Wish

Roma Wish has helped transform us into a truly purpose driven company. People embrace our dedication to enriching lives while team members revel in the opportunity to be part of something bigger than selling products.

This year, we’ll bring more than 30 people on our most ambitious Roma Wish mission – Africa! Our Move, Inspire and WOW campaigns are well recognized and our partners contribute serious support and even attend alongside with us!


Our marketers are on the forefront of trends and spearhead our foray into exciting new products and brands. In addition to helping us to publish a book detailing our journey, they get us an abundance of press and guide us to awesome opportunities such as hosting a TED talk and speaking at Zappos sponsored events. They’ve turned our All Hands Meetings into must attend events with more than 500 people joining in our celebration of all things Roma! Additionally, they provide the support that our partners crave and are the leading consulting experts on social, content, PR and product marketing.

Our Fans

Our combined social networks now have over 50,000 people who look to us to keep up-to-date with the latest in design, quality craftsmanship and outstanding service. We feel the support with our massive blog subscriber list and the comments that each post receives. Our biggest compliment is being held to a Zappos, Starbucks and Ritz Carlton experience standard, which keeps driving us to Move, Inspire and WOW. On top of this, our fan base is stronger than ever and they choose to partner with us based on “Why” we exist, not only because of our industry-leading products.


Our Operations Team are LEAN masters that lead us to be the most-efficient manufacturing system in the world. This cross-functioning supply chain team is so in tune to our needs that we fly through eight to 12 inventory turns annually! We’ve grown so much that we’ve added another distribution center and have expanded to be a 24/7 operation. We work hard but also play hard at our annual Roma Operations Conference that’s filled with guest speakers and industry experts where continuous learning is the underlying thread!


Our combined finance and credit super team is better than ever with more than 15 team members ensuring that Roma is ultra profitable with a 10 percent annual ROI. They predict revenue and expenses with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring our forecasts are spot-on. Since our bottom line is thriving, we introduced profit sharing for everyone, further ensuring that all team members arrive daily prepared to Move, Inspire and WOW!


The technology team continues to expand to 10 people with specialties from web development to UI/UX to SAP who aid us as we venture into exciting new areas. They are the lifeblood that connects our world-class ecommerce, phone and SAP systems orders with our award-winning operations team and much more. The Team is dedicated to supporting the efforts of all Roma Team Members and ensures a speedy resolution 99.9% of the time.

WOW’ing into 2018!

We’ve found a way to revitalize an industry! We’ve innovated, we’ve inspired, we’ve learned and we’ve been open to change. We are ever vigilant in our adherence to our Roma Family Core Values and celebrate them daily as they propel us to Move, Inspire and WOW the world!

Thank you for reading this document and for your support during the upcoming most amazing three years in Roma’s history! Together the future will be EPIC!