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Picture Frame Moulding

For more than 35 years, Roma Moulding has earned a reputation for innovative techniques, exceptional design and premium “Made In Italy” quality. Our roots are steeped in a country world-renowned for the production of superior products. Our exclusive mouldings feature the same passion and craftsmanship that help to define a nation.

Made In Italy

Our Picture Frame Moulding is 100% Handcrafted by in Italy Artisans using old world techniques.


For over 37 years, Roma Moulding has pioneered truly unique processes, only achieved by the hands of master craftsmen.

100% Genuine Wood

Our mouldings are manufactured from only premium lumber sourced from around the world.

Plastic Free

Each moulding we produce is created by carefully selecting materials of only the highest grade; no plastic, no poly.

Fair Wages

Roma Moulding is committed to ensuring that our team members and those we partner with are treated fairly, and compensated accordingly.

Ethical Sourcing

We continuously monitor quality and material processes, and that all products we use are ethically sourced.

Simply Roma

Simply Roma features cutting-edge design and superior finishes at an industry-leading value. You get all the 100 percent made-in-Italy craftsmanship that Roma Moulding is world famous for without the toxins and chipping that are associated with other value brands. Use a moulding from our Simply Roma line – your saw blades and your team will thank you!

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Roma One

All our love and dedication are poured into every Roma One moulding we produce! That’s how we know that it will be the perfect home for your gorgeous works of art and cherished memories. Trust your beloved pieces to a Roma One moulding and watch as people flock to check out the fabulous finish and industry-leading design.

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Roma Elite

We rewrote the rules of luxury to fit the taste of today’s consumers. Our Elite line features the finest woods and most sumptuous, authentic textures the world has to offer. Available in sizes from 5 to 12 inches, our Elite line will ensure your stunning work of art is the eye-catching centerpiece of any room.

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Finished Products

It’s easier than ever to order the Finished Roma Products you love. Our photo frames, mirrors, and ready-to-hang frames are made from the same stunning mouldings you know and love. Our finished products allow you to offer all the quality and handmade Italian craftsmanship that has made Roma Moulding an industry leader at an incredible value!

Roma Photo Frame

Every day, tens of thousands of photos are taken but only the best make it into a frame. The best of the best deserve a Roma Photo Frame! Our frames are available in more than 400 styles and three sizes featuring the quality, style, and design that only master Italian artisans can deliver!

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The sophistication and elegance of Roma Mouldings lend themselves perfectly to designer needs. From modern, contemporary looks to traditional classic designs, Roma Moulding offers a wide array of expertly curated mouldings for all your luxury mirror needs. Each mirror we sell is made to order so you can offer your customers exquisite, pre-framed mirrors. And, we make bringing a mirror to life with Roma easy with flex sizes, easy ordering, and quick turnaround.

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Gallery Frames

Convenience meets style. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles curated by our design team, our Gallery Frames are ideal for busy customers. These lightweight, contemporary premium frames make it easy to create an instant gallery wall, complete with an ultra-easy hang kit including pre-affixed V groove hardware.

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