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Roma Wish – Cuba

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Together we can make a difference!

We believe in a purpose beyond profits. As such, we recognize our responsibility to give back and advocate for communities in need. Roma Wish was established in 2013 with a mandate to make the world a slightly better place. Each year our leadership team meets to plan, allocate resources, and select a new project to fund.

How we make a difference

A core team travels together to volunteer their time and unique skills towards each project. We strategically partner with charitable organizations that are already embedded within communities in need. This enables us to maximize our impact for the duration of each mission.

Disaster relief and rebuild

Whether it’s rebuilding a fence, distributing relief supplies like water and food, or rebuilding a home destroyed in a hurricane, we’re up to whatever challenges our team may face. We have travelled to Haiti, Houston, and beyond to help where we can and we will continue to do so as long as we are able.

One-on-One Mentorship

We work hand in hand with the community members, both adults and kids, in one on one on mentorship programs. No two communities are the same so it’s all highly specialized, from reading and writing to interviewing skills to new construction skills.

Assisting At Risk Youth

The most vulnerable in any community impacted by disaster or disparity are the children. We don’t presume to be experts in working with kids, so we partner with incredible existing programs to help in whatever way they deem most beneficial based on the needs of the community and our skill sets. From delivering food to counseling, to just listening when they need to be heard, we put our whole hearts into serving and being present with the youth wherever we go.

Our Upcoming Mission


Cuban citizens took to the streets across the country to protest against deteriorating living conditions and the lack of basic goods and services, including medical attention amid increasing numbers of coronavirus infections. The protests, with thousands of people calling for an end to the 62-year-old dictatorship, began on July 11th and quickly spread across the whole country.

Government critics on the island and abroad hoped the act of defiance would force the island’s authoritarian rulers to embrace political and economic reforms.

Instead, the response by authorities has been draconian. State-run media outlets denounce demonstrators as vandals and looters. The Cuban government halted internet service and deployed security forces across the country, attacking and arresting protestors by the hundreds.  Police officers have gone door-to-door making detentions.

In some cases, their families went days without knowing where their loved ones were being held, or what their legal status was. In others, protesters have been convicted in quick trials that don’t require the presence of a defense lawyer.

Shortages of food, medicine, and other essentials, already dire under the longstanding US embargo, have worsened exponentially in the weeks following the protests.


Our Mission:

Media black outs, embargos, and the repressive regime in Cuba make getting both information out of and aid into Cuba difficult right now.

We are working with organizations both in the US and Cuba to determine the best route to make sure any funds or supplies we send actually make it to the people in need.

This page will be updated as we have more details.


What you can do:

  • • Pre Order the Roma Wish Mission: Cuba tshirt.
  • • Donate directly to Roma Wish.
  • • Spread the word.

2021: Cuba

Past Missions

Take a look at some of our past missions to learn more. Each is different. Each is riveting. Each is real. Watch the films. Read the blogs. These missions are undoubtedly our proudest accomplishments.

We hope this inspires you to participate in a future mission as a donor or a volunteer.

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