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Current Mission

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2022 Mission: Atlanta, Georgia

June 5th – 9th, 2022

Our Goal This Mission

The Roma Wish Mission Trip team will have the opportunity to be bold as we lead children’s programs for immigrant families, serve meals to those experiencing homelessness, and help clean up low-income apartment complexes.

By giving a man in need a meal, looking him in the eyes, and asking him his name, we are able to restore a little piece of his dignity that society has taken away. Valuing his time, words, and life experience show that man that you respect him and his journey. That little piece of healing, given to that man through our hands, has the ability to shift our whole outlook. The power of serving others is two-fold: transformation takes place in the life of the receiver and the heart of the giver. We often gain, when we allow ourselves to truly serve.

Funds Raised

Help out the in-need people of Atlanta by donating funds for food, home repairs, and community rehabilitation.

Community Outreach

Teams serving in Atlanta split their time between local ministries with a focus on building relationships. We will be working closely with children’s outreach, food ministry, homeless ministries, and minor home repair projects.

What You Can Do

• Pre-Order Roma Wish: Atlanta Merch
• Donate directly to Roma Wish
• Spread the word

Helping Hands

Experience Mission Atlanta, Our mission partners, are committed to delivering 100% of funds and materials to those in most need.

You Make it Possible!

Roma Wish is our way of giving back to the world we all share. Thanks to the generous support of our team members, partners, family, and friends, we have been able to profoundly impact the lives of so many people in need.

To donate supplies or to receive more information on how you can help, please email wish@romamoulding.com to arrange for drop off or shipping to Roma HQ.

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