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AHM15 Now Available!


On March 26th, Roma Moulding celebrated with its 15th All Hands Meeting (AHM 15). Roma All Hands Meetings occur three times a year and provide team members and stakeholders with unique insight into what is happening with the company.

More than 130 attended in person with an additional 500 tuning in live online to witness the show. Highlights included important updates from marketing, operations, growth and culture leaders as well as the announcement of our next Roma Wish Mission, Roma Wish New York.

A recorded version of AHM15 is now available. Additionally, smaller segments that focus on various company pillars are also available. Please see the links below.

Click here for the recorded version of AHM15.

Click here for the Culture update.

Click here for the Growth update.

Click here for the Marketing update.

Click here for the Operations update.

Click here for the AHM15 Halftime show.

Click here for the Partner Experience update.

Click here for our Roma Wish Mission New York update.

Want to experience the Roma Culture for yourself? Check out our Roma Tours page and schedule a visit!

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