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Attract & Repel; It’s a Great Thing!


I believe we’ve made huge strides as a society lately to become more transparent. Thanks in part to social media, we are now offering the world a glimpse into who we are as people, as well as who we are as businesses. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to be transparent – to be open, frank and candid.

Whether you are dealing with someone in a personal relationship or in a business relationship, transparency gives you a glimpse not only into who they really are, but also who they really aren’t. I think this is really great, because who someone isn’t is just as important as who they are.

To give you an example, I personally try to focus on what people are great at versus what they’re not great at. If I know someone on my team is really good at “X”, I’m going to try to harness their energy towards that, rather than try to force them to be great at something they’re not.

Transparency is so important in any role in life. Whether you’re trying to find a life partner, finding a role within a company, trying to lead a company, or simply trying to work with people in general, the level of your transparency will either attract or repel people.

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