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Avoid Disaster on Stage – 4 Must Do’s!


For some, it may be their worst nightmare but to me it’s my dream. I find myself at the front of a large room filled with 99 passionate HR professionals all hanging on my next word. Things are going well but in a moment I decide to truly let myself be authentic and say the next thing that comes to my mind.

“How cool is it to be able to enrich someone’s life? That truly is some epic shit!”

The crowd simultaneously erupts in laugher, applause and smiles. Immediately the room becomes lighter, more engaged and authentic.

I recently had the privilege to be a keynote and feature breakout session speaker at the 2015 ReInvent Work Summit produced by Pam Ross and Impact99. The daylong conference also featured other outstanding speakers such as Chelsea MacDonald (Director of Culture and Engagement at Klick), David Homes (Mayor of G Adventures), Irene Andress (Chief Nurse Executive at Toronto East General Hospital) and Mark Babbitt (CEO and Founder of YouTern). I was the last person to speak so I knew that my talk needed to land in order to captivate the crowd. The audience was comprised of 99 Human Resource professionals who are dedicated to making work a better place to be.

I love any opportunity to speak to people about company culture because it’s my passion. I jump out of bed every day willing to give my all towards improving the lives of the 140+ people that I get to lead, and believe that I have a lot of insight to offer on the topic. As leaders, we’re often asked to speak to large groups of people on our specialties. I’m sure that for some, the situation could be terrifying but I’ve got four tips that will insure you do amazing.

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