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Our 10 Family Core Values

  • 1      Deliver WOW Through Service
  • 2      Be Real and Live in Integrity
  • 3      Be Different, Have Fun and Deliver Happiness
  • 4      Build a Positive Team and Family Environment
  • 5      Be Passionate, Committed and Driven
  • 6      Inspire Innovation and Drive Change
  • 7      Be Humble
  • 8      Be Creative, Open Minded and Share Ideas
  • 9      Deliver Transparent, Open, Honest Communication
  • 10      Love Learning and Pursue Growth and Development
  • #1. Deliver WOW Through Service

    It is simply a way of life at Roma! Wow is a small, simple word that goes a long, long way! To WOW, you must do something that is not expected, above and beyond, innovative and creative. It can mean doing something for another person that leaves them moved, touched and inspired – leaving them with an emotional impact! At Roma, we value WOW because we are different and unique. Our service is not average, our quality is not average and we do not want our people to be average. We have created an expectation to WOW in everything we do, from our relationships with our partners, to our relationships with our co-workers; it is a special emotional feeling that is long lasting. At Roma Moulding, we believe that we will achieve our mission by delivering WOW in Service – not by fancy ad campaigns, deep discounts, or new products alone. Many of us have been WOWed. We seek to extend that feeling all day, every day here at Roma! Ask yourself, “Have you WOWed anyone today?”

    #2. Be Real and Live in Integrity

    Sweet and Simple – Being Real and Living in Integrity are two essential components of life at Roma! It is simply living how you want to live and acting on it! We strive for individuality and uniqueness which enables us to do what we do every day! Integrity is the foundation upon which everything at Roma is built. It is the ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’ mentality! Living in Integrity is a way of life at Roma. We trust one another; our many teams, our partners and hold ourselves to the highest expectations everyday! Working and playing in such an environment eliminates the ‘you against me’ mentality, and sets the stage for unparalleled results and unyielding possibilities.

    #3. Be Different, Have Fun and Deliver Happiness

    One of the main differences at Roma is that we pride ourselves on being different and unique. We don’t want to be predictable, boring, or even mundane, so we take great strides to ensure that our people think outside the box. Being different has and always will be a Roma trait; from our unique trade shows to unconventional coffee table catalogs, from our wacky fun Facebook page to our All Hands Meetings – nothing at Roma is average. We take having FUN seriously, and welcome any chance to get some more! We feel that FUN is an essential component to our culture. Ultimately, we don’t want to keep all the fun to ourselves, so we try our best to share it with the wonderful people, teams, partners, and suppliers we come in contact with every day – it’s called Delivering Happiness! Fun workplaces = extraordinary results!

    #4. Build a Positive Team and Family Environment

    The average person spends most of their lives at work – well at Roma we are no different! Roma seeks to attract and attain the best people who truly want to work together as a team. From our Health & Safety Team, to the Leadership Team, to the SAP Team and the Party Rockers, building positive teams with positive people is vital to our success! At Roma, we choose to work together, to respect and trust one another, to go above and beyond for one another, and to make our workplace the best second home for all of us! Over the years, our team has been through many highs and lows, many joyous events and some sad ones too, but one thing that is certain is that we have always been there for one another strong and true! This is family–Roma style!

    #5. Be Passionate, Committed and Driven

    Passion is what Roma was originally built upon, and is what continues to drive us forward everyday! We value passion, determination, perseverance, and a strong desire to make it happen. At Roma, we are driven because we believe in one another! Terms like “No”, or “It can’t be done”, or “You’re crazy, it won’t work”, don’t go very far! We believe that anything is possible, that it can be done, and we will do it together! Living by these beliefs allow Roma to attract amazing, talented people; people who love what they do and agree that anything is possible! When you create a group of amazing people who are passionate, committed and driven together, the results are unprecedented and even beyond our wildest dreams.

    #6. Inspire Innovation and Drive Change

    Without innovation and change, we would not have electricity, cars, air travel, telephones or iPads to name a few! At Roma, we attribute innovation and change to be one of the most important pillars to our success. We continuously seek new ways of doing things, new systems, new ideologies, and are always testing new concepts to improve and become better! We must learn to embrace change and always strive to find new and more efficient ways of doing things. Innovation and change are what move things forward, it pushes us to new heights, and many times, to new uncharted waters. It is when companies become too comfortable and accept status quo that their futures are at risk. We must continue to do as the original leaders at Roma have done in the past– we must continue to evolve with fresh new concepts and ideas; leaving our competitors guessing what is next. Others will copy our products, our systems, our catalogs and even our website, but they cannot copy our people, our culture, and our brand!

    #7. Be Humble

    We must treat others the way we want to be treated regardless of the circumstances. We believe that we should always be respectful of everyone and always “take the high road”. We must always remember where we came from, because no matter how big or small of a company you are, you will always have challenges ahead to overcome. At Roma, we celebrate our success and share it openly with one another, always striving to be mindful, free from arrogance and conceit. Being humble reminds us to be modest and respectful with everyone we come in contact with.

    #8. Be Creative, Open Minded and Share Ideas

    We encourage you to challenge the status quo, free your mind, let your creative juices flow and to share your ideas! When you allow people to be free, without the fear of failure, the result is absolutely amazing. It is maintaining this frame of mind which allows the Roma Team to generate extraordinary ideas, like the new Simply Roma line, new lead time improvements, new goals, new moulding designs, and so much more. Many companies choose to play it safe; however at Roma, being creative, open minded and sharing is simply just a way of life!

    #9. Deliver Transparent, Open and Honest Communication

    We deeply value and believe that honesty is the best policy! Being transparent and open means having a trustworthy company! We believe that if you trust yourself, trust your teams and trust your partners, success is imminent. Building our relationships on trust is something that differentiates us from other companies. It is the reason we continue to have strong customers and partner support. Customers and vendors that have helped make Roma what it is today. The hardest thing to build is trust, however, when trust is established, the bond is far stronger and you can accomplish so much more.

    #10. Love Learning and Pursue Growth and Development

    We believe that growth and development are essential in creating a forward facing team. We believe there is potential in each of us that has yet to be realized. At Roma, we seek to help unlock that potential, to help you grow in your careers and as a team. However, this must be a joint effort. You must want to challenge and stretch yourself in order for it to happen. One thing is certain– at Roma, we strive to continuously grow and develop. We do this to push things forward, to achieve new goals and new heights.