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Fail Your Way To Success


Keep avoiding failure, I dare you … How’s that working out?

The fact is, failures are the secret and most powerful ingredient to success! You may be asking yourself, really? No way? It can’t be true – failing sucks! Truth be told, no one loves to fail but those who fail often come back and win. Does that make you feel annoyed? Frustrated? Well it shouldn’t because it’s the truth!


Woody Allen’s thoughts on failure.

Early in life, failure often is viewed as taboo and something to avoid at all costs. Growing up, I can recall comments such as, “Do your homework or you’re going to fail!” “If you fail, you’ll be left behind” or my favorite, “If you fail, people will think you’re stupid.”

I’m sure we have all heard well-meaning supporters say these things in our homes, schools or worse, in the workplace. Society has taught us to believe that if we fail, we will not amount to anything important. What’s scarier is that our society continues to kill off creativity, curiosity and the ability to change things; while rewarding people for status quo thinking, obeying orders and coloring inside the lines.

Let’s be clear; I’m not advocating we go out and fail at everything all the time. I’m advocating that we change our view of failure; that as a society we must encourage and often reward failure and view it as an integral part of learning, which ultimately leads to success!

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