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The Icon Collection

The Icon Collection is a wholly new endeavor for Roma. The profiles in this collection are all about the moments, experiences, and places that define us.

The first releases in this collection celebrate the lands we love, featuring elegantly subtle interpretations of the American and Canadian flags embossed on a classic profile made from fine finger-jointed pine and coated in five brilliantly rich, classic tones.

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Icon USA

From Sea to Shining Sea is more than just a lyric. Between those oceans lies a land whose geography, people, and culture are so diverse it seems crazy to call it “united.”

But the patchwork quilt that makes up America is what makes it special, each unique patch beautiful in its own way.

This profile is a celebration of all that makes America beautiful and the stars and stripes that stitch it all together.



America is road trips, fireflies, and dreaming of being a Hollywood star or a NASA astronaut. It’s the majesty of Yosemite and Yellowstone. It’s street art and Chicago Dogs. Arizona red rocks burning in the sunset, and the waves crashing on the rocky shores of New England.

It’s Friday Night Lights, cherry blossoms flanking national monuments in DC, Florida beach houses with manatee mailboxes, and driving Highway One to take in the unrivaled beauty of the California coastline.

America’s song is a boombox blasting hip hop from coast to coast, it’s the twang of banjos in Nashville and the sultry blues basslines of Memphis. It’s the Jazz flowing through the streets of New Orleans and the beating heart of Broadway. There’s something for everyone.

There’s a place for everyone. That is America the Beautiful.

  • 2246
    Icon, Virtue Red
    W 1"H 1 1/2"R 5/16"
  • 2248
    Icon, Honor White
    W 1"H 1 1/2"R 5/16"
  • 2250
    Purity Blue
    W 1"H 1 1/2"R 5/16"
  • 2254
    Icon, Bold Silver
    W 1"H 1 1/2"R 5/16"
  • 2245
    Icon, Passion Black
    W 1"H 1 1/2"R 5/16"

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