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What I Did And What I’ll Never Do Again!


I need to come clean folks. I’m guilty of one of my cardinal sins, even though I’ve repented my old ways. I too had an office and worse yet, had all my leaders in offices at some point. We don’t have them anymore but there was a time when I thought an office was a vital reward for climbing the corporate ladder.

If your workplace has offices, that’s okay! However, please allow me to explain why I will never confine myself to an office ever again.

I grew up believing that all the schooling, days and nights dedicated to becoming a better leader and hard work would allow me to receive promotions and someday have that stunning corner office with a couch, a TV and a bunch of other fancy amenities. Like many people, I believed this to be a sign of success! Today however, I know that nothing could be further from the truth.

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