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Need a Stretcher Bar? Check out Roma Moulding!


Did you know that Roma Moulding has some of the best Stretcher Bars in the industry?

Save time by adding Stretcher Bar to your next Roma Moulding product order! Stretcher Bar is also a great way to reach your minimum free freight threshold. Click here to see if you qualify!

A finger-joint pine Stretcher Bar from Roma Moulding is ideal for all your canvas stretching needs because it has that same quality and craftsmanship as our industry-leading mouldings, while helping to resist warping. Trust your projects to the enhanced stability, durability and strength that finger-joint pine offers.

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Finger-Joint Pine Stretcher Bar Facts

  • All Finger-Joint Pine is extracted from properly managed forests certified by the Forest Stweardship Council. This means the wood is produced in an environmental and socially responsible manner from renewable forests
  • Available in 9′ and 10′ lengths, maximizing yield
  • Finger-jointed pine provides enhanced structural stability, durability, and strength


  • Stretcher Bar is part of our  Simply Roma Collection
  • Shipping program rules apply as listed in the shipping program, or partner notes for ground courier orders
  • Partner length discounts apply and this product can be ordered in any quantity of footage (no minimums)
  • Stretcher Bar can be ordered as length, chop, or join
  • Partners may purchase and install their own cross bar support on joined frames using Stretcher Bar 180
  • Shipping quantities may vary depending on the lengths available in inventory. A 10% variance will apply.

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