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Roma Adds Rich Huisman As Vice President Of Sales


Roma Moulding is pleased to announce the hiring of Rich Huisman as the vice president of sales.

Roma Moulding's new VP of Sales, Rich Huisman.

Roma Moulding’s new VP of Sales, Rich Huisman.

Huisman will begin with Roma Moulding on April 14, 2014 and immediately start work with the industry-leading team of Business Partner Specialists to ensure outstanding service and attention to all Roma Moulding business partners.

“We are totally excited to have Rich Husiman join our Roma family as VP of Sales,” said Roma Moulding CEO, Tony Gareri. “Rich will be instrumental in helping move, inspire and WOW our entire team to new heights, new goals and new aspirations!”

Huisman brings with him years of sales and leadership experience as well as outstanding facilitation skills. Huisman graduated from Sheridan College with a diploma in Marketing in addition to gaining his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Huisman began his career at Alkuhaimi Metal Industries, where he worked in Saudia Arabia as the Sales Manager for the middle east. From there Huisman moved back to Canada to join Moulding & Millwork – a Sauder Industries company. Additioanlly, Huisman possesses extensive experience leading sales teams in Canada and a member of Moulding & Millwork’s Senior Leadership Team. Huisman comes to Roma Moulding from Timbermart Group of Companies where he served as their national director of sales and member of their executive team. He is focused on continually improving all aspects of business, ensuring team members are trained and developed to support the strategic plan of the organization.

“I’m so incredibly privileged and excited to join the ROMA team,” said Vice President of Sales, Rich Husiman. “It feels like I won a contest! This brand is something special and I’m looking forward to working with the amazing business partner specialists to truly Move, Inspire and WOW all our partners worldwide.”

Huisman can be contacted at rhuisman@romamoulding.com or at 1-800-263-2322 ext. 323.

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