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Roma Adds Two New Superstars To The Team


Roma Moulding is extremely pleased to announce the addition of two new outstanding people to the Roma family.

Toni Hamilton and Kevin Saychareun both come from diverse backgrounds and will immediately begin supporting the team at Roma Moulding.

Toni Hamilton joins the Roma team as our new Purchasing and Inventory Specialist.

Toni Hamilton joins the Roma team as our new Purchasing and Inventory Specialist.

Toni, a Brampton resident and mother of four, joins the Purchasing and Inventory team after years spent honing her skills with esteemed companies such as Nestle among others.

“We are super excited to have a new backorder blaster with us in the Purchasing and Inventory department,” said Roma Moulding’s Purchasing and Inventory Leader, Richard Lemire. “Toni will bring a wealth of experience to the team. Due to her previous experience in the chocolate industry, I think she might know the Caramilk secret, which is totally an added bonus!”

Toni was attracted to Roma Moulding through the engaging videos as well as the uplifting stories told through the blog and All Hands Meetings.

Kevin joins the Roma Moulding Marketing Team as the Video Producer and Editor. He brings with him a wealth of experience gained through working on feature films, documentaries and commercials and is eager to apply his skills in an open and progressive environment.

“I love the creativity demonstrated in all Roma marketing,” said Saychareun. “I look forward to working with my new Roma Family to tell the stories that help make Roma not only an industry-leader but also a source of inspiration and happiness.”

Kevin Saychareun is Roma's new Video Producer and Editor.

Kevin Saychareun is Roma’s new Video Producer and Editor.

As a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, the Toronto resident will bring a creative approach to telling the stories behind Roma Moulding’s award winning products, people and innovations.

“Today, we are truly excited to welcome two passionate and talented team members to the Roma family,” said Tony Gareri, CEO of Roma Moulding.​ “I look forward to their energy and positive contribution to our respective teams and look forward to working aside them.”

Toni can be reached at 1-800-263-2322 Ext. 367 thamilton@romamoulding.com and Kevin can be reached at 1-800-263-2322 Ext. 310 or ksaychareun@romamoulding.com.

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