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Roma Moulding Featured In Decor Magazine


We recently received some amazing coverage in Decor Magazine! Check out the preview below and click the link for the full article.

Roma Moulding, CEO Tony Gareri with members of his team.

Roma Moulding, CEO Tony Gareri with members of his team.

The Pursuit of Happiness: Roma Moulding Celebrates 30 Years

There’s a magical feeling of excitement in the air. It’s noticeable from the first moment you walk through the door. Nothing about this place is typical—from the decorated replica statue of Michelangelo’s David to the speakers pumping loud music, it’s clear that these people think differently. For 30 years, Roma Moulding has done more than buck the trends; they’ve created them.

A tour through Roma Moulding’s headquarters in Toronto clearly shows that this is a company on the move. Although steeped in European tradition, its modern strategies and products keep them ahead of the curve. Founded in 1984 by John Gareri and Nino Talotta, Roma Moulding has grown from a small, local producer of fine art frames into a truly global phenomenon.

The company works with master artisans in Europe, who use centuries-old techniques to create awe-inspiring mouldings. They source designs from Africa, Asia and beyond. Their award-winning products are assembled right here in North America. With such a broad, international scope, Roma Moulding really does have the world in its hands. In order to truly appreciate what Roma Moulding is, it’s important to understand how and why they exist.

Step back 30 years. Reagan is President. Pop songs from Wham!, Tina Turner and Prince blare out of speakers speeding by in Chevy Cavaliers. The big, bad L.A. Raiders are Super Bowl champions. The world is becoming more connected and the appetite for luxurious home furnishings is growing quickly. Meanwhile, back in the suburbs of Toronto, John and his brother in-law, Nino, work part-time jobs framing photographs at night to support their young families. Then John realizes something’s missing. The mouldings lack life and excitement. They appear as an afterthought in the art creation process and aren’t able to truly elevate a piece or assimilate into a home’s interior. John knows he can do better.

“I thought, ‘There’s no future with these frames and it’s creating a massive void in the North American market’,” John says. “It was a huge opportunity and I immediately started thinking that I could search Italy for beautiful frames to bring back to North America.”

Read the full article here.

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