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Roma Moulding Gets Lean!


The Roma Moulding team embarked on a historic and unprecedented journey last Friday.

Under the tutelage of Roma’s lean masters Rich Huisman and Steve Magirias more than 50 Roma team members participated in Roma’s first ever Kaizen, a Japanese word that means “good change or continuous improvement.”

Huisman, Roma Moulding’s Vice President of Growth, is a lean black belt who has previously trained in Japan, learning directly from other lean masters. Magirias, Roma’s Chief of Efficiency, has implemented lean techniques for various companies throughout his career, aided in sharing the message of efficiency to the group.

The day began at 7:00am with two and a half hours of Lean theory before the group put what they learned into practice by kaizening the Roma headquarters. During the kaizen, Roma shut down production and administration in order to maximize the results of the intense daylong training and practical exercise. The result included countless improvements and implemented suggestions from impassioned team members, as well as lean white belt certification for more than 50 Roma team members.

“I was truly impressed by the Roma team’s enthusiasm in learning and applying lean techniques,” said Huisman. “Some of the things we changed have been in place for decades and the willingness to adapt demonstrates a great commitment to innovation. I look forward to future training and kaizen exercises with such a enthusiastic group.”

The Roma Culture Team encourages groups interested in learning more about how Roma conducted their first ever kaizen to register for a tour through the Roma Tour’s page.

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