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Roma Wish – Day Four


So it’s been four days now, and we’re exhausted! But as the others have said before me, it has been truly rewarding. As Roma’s videographer, I have had the unique opportunity, to experience this mission as both a participant and through the lens of a camera. Every day, I was able to document and see just how hard our team worked. I also tried to assist the team in each and every task along the way.  The stories that we have experienced together, have truly been amazing and I can’t wait to get back and start piecing it together for everyone else to see. I’m sure the film will never be able to fully capture the true essence of Roma Wish 2016, but it allow a glimpse into just how amazing it was!





When I decided to join the Roma Wish Team in New Orleans, I didn’t truly have an understanding of the scale of the destruction caused by the recent floods. You often hear about these types of events through the media, but it is a very different experience to walk through the aftermath and experience it first hand. I have gained a huge appreciation for the strength and tenacity of the people living in Louisiana. Many have endured the floods of Hurricane Katrina and are now faced with the massive clean up effort in the latest floods. Sometimes when you are deep in the process of salvaging a house, it can be easy to forget that this wreckage was once someone’s life. It’s only upon finding something precious such as a teddy bear important to a little girl, or an old photograph half washed away, that you remember why you chose to be here. I feel truly privileged and honoured to be part of such a great team that has put forth an incredible effort over the past four days. The task itself seems monumental; with over 80,000 homes flooded we’ve been able to make a small difference, but it will take many more hands to rebuild Louisiana.


Signing off for now, we’re all looking forward to the next mission!



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