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Roma Wish Detroit – Day 5


Wow! It’s been an incredible week in Detroit.

Not only is today our last day, but it’s also the last day for the kids. They’ve been here for six weeks and their summer is wrapping up with a park party, complete with bouncy castles, obstacle course, slides and a mobile video game truck. This is the first time that we’ve had a major outside activity with all age groups at the same time. The day is warm and humid, but the kiddos don’t seem to care.

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Tania and I live in a mostly adult world, which made this week challenging and exhausting in many ways. But these challenges also presented us with reward. We’ve spent an entire week with 5 and 6-year-olds – talk about a culture shock! We’ve played on the swings, colored, listened to stories, read to kids and played basketball and volleyball more in one week than we probably have all year long (and I can still rock a lay-up, even after all these years).

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It seems that both Tania and I have a special magnetism to some of the children here. We’ve each had a child that hasn’t wanted to leave our side during our time at the CDC. They’ve attached themselves to us like velcro – it’s a special feeling you can’t get anywhere else.

And it’s amazing to hear what some of these kids have to say. In the words of one brutally honest little boy while pointing at my belly, “You eat too many cookies?” Loud and clear, for everyone to hear. But as they say … honesty is a gift!

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It was truly a blessing and an amazing experience to be a part of this year’s mission. Each Roma Wish trip offers us so many different experiences and the key is to embrace them all. I encourage anyone that has not yet participated in a mission to get involved. It will change your life in so many ways.

Tania and I are both humbled by this experience.

– Lloyd & Tania

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