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Roma Wish Houston – Day 1

Mission Houston 2019 Begins – Houston, TX

Day one was filled with anticipation, excitement and a whole lot of fun!  It always feels like the first day of school where you don’t know what to expect… you have excitement and butterflies in your stomach.

The Toronto team had a flight out of Pearson International Airport at 8:15 am. So it was an early morning for all. Arthur, our video master was at Pearson at 4:00 am and he definitely set a record for the earliest start to the day for the team!

All systems were a go as we took off for Texas!

Upon our arrival we met up with with the “Puerto Rican Prince” our very own charming Eric Casillas at George Bush International Airport in Houston, and were on our way!

We finally headed over to the All Hands and Hearts Home base and met up with Tania, Lloyd and JoAnne our wonderful California team! They were already set up with room assignments and had prepped and chopped for our stir fry dinner.

Upon the Canadian teams arrival we were introduced to the All Hands and Hearts staff and given a tour of the building and the AHAH team went over the expectations of volunteers and the house rules.

Kathy and our partner Kelly Gibson came in and met the team and brought some goodies to share with the team.

We were then shown to our sleeping quarters, aka bunks, and the ladies were bunking in the Hogwarts room. The gentlemen are bunking in the Bikini Bottom room.

Tony, Paul, Olivia, Eric and Arthur decided to go out and explore the neighbourhood before dinner. Their walk turned out to be a little longer and wetter than they had originally intended.

At our first meeting at the volunteer house we got a chance to meet the team, introduce ourselves and learn a bit more about the various teams at all hands and hearts that we will be working with.

We got an opportunity to read out shout outs… we are so similar it is their AHAH version of a core value card where they get a chance to write out their thanks to a team member and have it read aloud and have that person acknowledged. We also got a chance to see out assignments for our work day tomorrow.

Some of our team members also got some cuddle time with the adorable kitten known as Sasha the resident AHAH mascot.

We wrapped up the night with some competitive card games, a nice chat on the front porch in the rain and anticipate an exciting day ahead tomorrow.

Something special happens on the arrival day of RomaWish… the team becomes one!  As the day went to evening, our team settled on the porch where we chatted until it was lights out in the Bunk House!

Tomorrow will surely be a big day as we’re scheduled for departure at 7:00am!

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