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All The Difference

Roma Wish is our way of giving back to the world we share by contributing to the communities we live and play in. Thanks to
the generous support of our team members, partners, family
and friends, we have profoundly impacted the lives of so many people in need. We are thrilled to invite our partners to join us in this mission – so that we can make an even larger impact.


Costliest natural disaster in U.S. history

Hurricane Harvey made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane on August 25th, 2017, bringing unprecedented destruction to Texas. Harvey was named the most powerful hurricane to hit the US since 2005, superseding Hurricane Sandy. An estimated 136,000 homes were damaged in Harris County (Houston) alone. Additionally, the Coastal Bend region was hit especially hard, with an estimated 39,927 damaged structures totalling $4.5 billion. The high-speed winds damaged many trees and roofs. This caused top-down water damage, debris and tree hazards, and led to long-term struggles to keep homes dry.

$125 Billion

in federal relief funds
paid by taxpayers

204 000

homes were damaged or
destroyed by flooding.

39 000

were forced from their homes
due to extensive flooding


Making a Difference

In both Houston and Coastal Bend, All Hands and Hearts continues response work (mucking, gutting and sanitizing homes), while carrying out recovery activities. Thanks to the support from partners, they recently completed their first ever domestic school rebuild at the Rhodes Performing Arts School. Thanks to critical support from donors, partners, and volunteers from around the world, All Hands and Hearts has been able to complete impactful 16 and 18-week programs across Texas, and has made a 3-year commitment to help Texas recover. Our work will include repairing homes and schools, mucking, gutting, mold sanitation, debris removal, roofing, and skills development.


July 30 – August 4, 2019