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Roma Wish Mission: Atlanta Day 2


Day two began with our meet-up at breakfast! We all enjoyed hot coffee, eggs, toast, etc.….it was fabulous!! Then it was off to the Atlanta warehouse where we surprised the team with a plethora of Dunkin Donuts! It was so awesome to meet the Atlanta warehouse family.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming and we didn’t want to leave but we had to get to the Atlanta Food Bank.

 Arriving at the food bank, we met our lovely hostess, Jan. We went through some instructional videos on what we were going to be doing, and then it was off to the races! We started loading food into boxes that ranged in size from those designed for 1-2 people, 3-4 people, and 5+ people. 

The boxes contained various perishable items and at times it felt as though we were on Guy’s Grocery Games!  Once the boxes were filled, they were lined up in the appropriate rows and ready for distribution.  Lloyd handled the check-in of people doing curbside pickup.  Once the vehicles were checked in on the iPad,  the information was sent to the inside station, then relayed to us as to what cart to deliver outside. 

We packed, delivered, and loaded a TON of food, (literally a TON!) over the course of 4 hours. Running inside, outside, reloading carts, stocking the food shelves, and plenty of love and laughter. 

We met so many beautiful people with generous spirits.  The individuals receiving the food were so gracious, some seemed embarrassed but all were grateful for the assistance. 

When all was said and done, we had new friends, and a sense of accomplishment, along with a renewed appreciation and sense of gratitude for the many blessings in our lives.

Next, it was back to the warehouse to meet up with the Atlanta crew and head off to dinner.  We enjoyed great food, great company, and many laughs. 

We played darts, where Jo & Lloyd prevailed as CHAMPS! Challenges at the next event are already being issued and accepted, so you better practice up, y’all!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!


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