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Roma Wish Mission W.Virginia: Blog Day 4


Today started like each day with a morning meeting followed by a positive message by Veronica, Tania and Lloyd.

Veronica shared that although she came to give she has gotten way more out the experience than she’s been able to give. Tania shared that we should all think globally and act locally within all aspects of our lives.

Lloyd shared:

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”

-Benjamin Disralei

We gathered in the morning to discuss our plans for the day. We met up with the team at the school and set out to begin our assignments.

Tony and Carolyn made lunches for the children of the area. Then they went to two local apartment complexes and handed out the lunches to the appreciative children. Unfortunately the children had issues with their families such as drug abuse that has caused them to require nutritional assistance.

Initially, Adrienne and Olga were to work on another project, however we were asked to be flexible and as a result we went to paint Mr. and Mrs. Veelee’s house with Bob, Tania, Lloyd, Natalie and Paul.

Adrienne shared with them pictures of her family, as they were interested in learning more about her. So she spoke with them in depth about her sons and her life back home in Georgia.

The team then went to the school to assist in organizing the fruit kindly donated by local businesses. We re-palletized all of the boxes and had to recover the items from the pantry storage.We also broke down all of the packaging and discarded all of the rotten fruit that could not be donated to local families.

Leland (Lee) was a fantastic help to the team as we organized the food. While we were working side by side, he shared his own story of hardship. We learned he was an adopted child, as he was orphaned at a very young age in China. He described being beaten up each day while living in the Chinese’s Orphanage by the many other children. A local family adopted him at the age of five and although he had faced many hardships, he maintained a positive attitude.

Kim and Nik went to the Regina apartments; they assisted in handing out food throughout two buildings of local residents. They also assisted with some paperwork as well as cleaning the paint/chalk off the outside brick walls and cleaned the inside offices and front foyer.

At the Regina apartments there was a mother and baby who unfortunately had very little food. Miss Brenda had a secret stash of food for emergencies that she willingly shared with them.

Kim made a special connection with a girl named Eva. She asked Eva if she would share candy with her sister to which she nodded yes. As a result Kim gave her a bag of gummy bears for which she was rewarded with a warm loving hug and big smile from Eva.

Great opportunities seldom come but small ones surround us every day and this was an example.

Later they spoke with Miss Wanda about her family, her upbringing, as well as her experiences within Oakhill. She survived the death of two children and one grandchild who perished due to an ATV accident. She commented that the loss of a child is the most difficult and devastating experience anyone could ever face. Recently her husband had an aneurism and two stints placed into his arteries, so she and her family have been bravely dealing with many hardships.

Life is a journey and love is what makes that journey worthwhile.

-Adrienne, Carolyn and Nik




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