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Why Sharing Is Caring


I’m in the middle of a closely guarded facility where access is granted to only a select few. I’m surrounded by advanced technology that looks like it’s from some big budget science fiction film. The feeling of innovation is palpable; even without knowing much, I know the future is being built here. My guide enthusiastically shouts, “Ok robtos – Go!” In unison, four, half million dollar robots begin to work together to build the fastest machine I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending the MastermindTalks Retreat with 99 other driven entrepreneurs in California. As part of the conference, we gained access to two amazing companies, Tesla Motors where I was blown away by the above experience, as well as Pixar Animation Studios. MastermindTalks is a community for ambitious entrepreneurs created by Jayson Gaignard in 2013. Through dinners, social media and retreats, MastermindTalks is designed to be a safe place for entrepreneurs and people alike to explore, learn and share.

Why do I leave the comforts of home and my business for a week to travel across the continent to hang out with people I barely know?

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