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Thrive or Die – #ChoosePowerfully


The retail market is tough! We’ve all seen the much-publicized closures over the past few years and recently even more major retailers have begun to pull the plug. In the past six weeks alone, TargetMexx and Sony have announced that they will close all of their Canadian stores. Wow. That’s a total of 317 brick and mortar stores that will all leave the landscape shortly.

What is an intrepid retailer to do in such drastic times? You could try to be cheaper than everyone else but that will fade the moment someone else finds a cheaper supplier. You can be open more than your competition but that still doesn’t ensure that anyone will want to walk through your doors. The only solution that comes anywhere close to guaranteeing success is perfecting the Customer Experience. Let’s take a close look at how a computer company came out of nowhere to show us all how it’s done.

I recently visited Apple’s largest North American retail store located within Yorkdale mall on a Saturday. I was expecting a ridiculously busy parking lot and an equally jammed mall. What I wasn’t expecting was one of the best retail experiences I’ve ever had.

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