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Traits of a Great Leader – What the Dog Taught Me About Leadership


It’s 6:30am on a dark Saturday morning in February when I begin to hear what sounds like rain hitting the exterior of an aluminum window. As I slowly open my eyes, I see that it’s not raining; instead, it’s our little dog walking around our bedroom doing his best to wake us hoping to avoid peeing on the hardwood floor.

Sound familiar? If you have a dog, I’m sure that you know all about it! Despite the early wake up calls, the frigid winter walks and the occasional bathroom mistakes, it’s all worth it. Like they do to many, our dog gives us so much happiness, joy and unconditional love in return. Recently, I’ve discovered that he’s also able to teach me about leadership.

Not too long ago, our little nine–year-old Yorkshire terrier Picolino, was diagnosed with diabetes. When the veterinarian diagnosed him, I felt instantly deflated and truth be told, was in shock. I didn’t know the effects of diabetes nor did I know what lay ahead. I was notified that he would need two shots of insulin each day and that his vision would eventually deteriorate and lead to blindness. Suffice to say, I was devastated.

A year has passed and we now have a dog that lives vibrantly with diabetes. Although it was really hard to watch his vision deteriorate, I’m happy to report that Picolino is doing great! He receives his insulin shots and is in overall good health.

So you may be thinking, why are we talking about a dog and how does it relate to powerful leadership?

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