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Tuesday Talks With Tony Season One Finale


To our fantastic partners,

I am sure it has been a week of hustling and making great things happen!

I know the last 6 months have thrown us all for a loop, and I am proud to have resilient partners like you in our Roma world. The world is in unnerving place right now, and so, as we do live in some parts unknown, what we do know for sure is that we value you and want the best for you.

For the last 30 weeks, I have hosted Tuesday Talks LIVE on Instagram. I had guests from all over the world, across three continents. As a company, we knew we needed to remain connected and motivated during this time.

As season 1 of Tuesday Talks comes to a close, our season finale of “Ask Me Anything” will take place of October 20th at 1 pm EST.

I welcome you to join, to watch live and pose your questions in the comment box.

Do us this honour by attending LIVE on Instagram and share this email with whoever you feel would benefit from feeling connected and motivated.

Thank you for watching thus far and stay tuned, because season 2 will be upon us in 2021!


Tony Gareri

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