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Roma Core Value 6

Without innovation and change, we would not have electricity, cars, air travel, telephones or iPads to name a few! At Roma, we attribute innovation and change to be one of the most important pillars to our success. We continuously seek new ways of doing things, new systems, new ideologies, and are always testing new concepts to improve and become better! We must learn to embrace change and always strive to find new and more efficient ways of doing things. Innovation and change are what move things forward, it pushes us to new heights, and many times, to new uncharted waters. It is when companies become too comfortable and accept status quo that their futures are at risk. We must continue to do as the original leaders at Roma have done in the past– we must continue to evolve with fresh new concepts and ideas; leaving our competitors guessing what is next. Others will copy our products, our systems, our catalogs and even our website, but they cannot copy our people, our culture, and our brand!

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